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If I opened up this interview by saying it's not every day I sit down to talk to a tenured philosophy professor, that wouldn't be entirely accurate, given the circles I tend to travel in. It is unusual however, to come across someone who's also a gifted singer/songwriter, tackling subjects like the Orwellian nature inherent in our age of surveillance, but such is the anomaly that is Steve Weinstein.

Dividing time between his academic life at the University of Waterloo and Perimeter Institute For Theoretical Physics in Canada (where he now calls home) and pursuing his rock'n'roll fantasy, Steve is a man of many moods, talents, and a wealth of stories spanning an incredibly fascinating career (or should I say, "careers"?) I recently sat down with Steve for a brief chat about his two personas and new album, the spirited Last Free Man - it evolved into the kind of long conversation you'd have with an old friend you've gratefully reconnected with.

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