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Nov 3 New Single "Lost & Found" Out November 3

Making its way to radio is "Lost & Found" the first song off Last Free Man.  

July 12 New Single, Featuring Simi Stone

Steve has a video ready for his forthcoming single, featuring Simi Stone.  Shot on location in Woodstock by David Baron, who also produced the song.

Feb 22 Claudia Morello, The Aquarian Weekly

Following in the footsteps of Dr. Brian May, the guitarist of Queen, Steve Weinstein proves again that physics and music go very well together. As a tenured professor and an affiliate of the...

Jan 4 David Gerard, The Examiner

If I opened up this interview by saying it's not every day I sit down to talk to a tenured philosophy professor, that wouldn't be entirely accurate, given the circles I tend to travel in. It...

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